101 Things About Me

  1. I am a dreamer.
  2. I am a realist.
  3. Ever changing, flowing and open to new ideas.
  4. I love nature with my soul, and trust what it has to teach us.
  5. I admire people who haven’t forgotten common sense, and principles.
  6. I am a faithful believer in voluntary simplicity.
  7. I am an avid goal setter.
  8. I am an organization junkie.
  9. I have an abnormal love of Post-Its, and Purses.
  10. I do my best to live healthy, and happy.
  11. My heart smiles when I recycle.
  12. I have an old soul.
  13. I’m a lefty.
  14. My soul is somehow tied to the ocean.
  15. I feel like a kid again every time it rains.
  16. I have never been to a concert.
  17. I was 22 when I first got to see the ocean.
  18. I’ve been told how long I have left to live… twice.
  19. I find doctors hard to believe in.
  20. I was a vegetarian for six years.
  21. I never learned how to swim.
  22. I’ve always wanted to learn spanish.
  23. I hate clutter.
  24. I go on random de-cluttering purges.
  25. People stay away from me when this happens.
  26. I live with a packrat.
  27. I love animals.
  28. I hate black dishes.
  29. Elevators still make my palms sweaty.
  30. I gave the ring back.
  31. I love strawberries.
  32. I lived off the grid for three years.
  33. Garbage disposals blades freak me out.
  34. Spiders scare the cripes outta me.
  35. I don’t care how small they are.
  36. I hate being late.
  37. I wish I never learned to speed read.
  38. My allergies could fill a textbook.
  39. It’s exhausting.
  40. I’m a farm girl at heart.
  41. The love of xbox eludes me.
  42. I can play the piano.
  43. I have little patience.
  44. I believe the best is yet to come.
  45. Brownies are best at midnight.
  46. I don’t know how people can eat dark chocolate.
  47. People think I’m quiet.
  48. Then they get to know me, and wonder what happened.
  49. I’m addicted to orange juice.
  50. I have a very good memory.
  51. Sometimes, that’s a curse.
  52. Apollo 13 was my favorite movie for almost a decade.
  53. I moved four times in one year.
  54. Book + Shade Tree = Heaven.
  55. I’ve never smoked pot.
  56. I still don’t like coffee.
  57. Give me a Jack Coke anyday.
  58. I love running.
  59. I tore a muscle in my knee.
  60. It still isn’t healed.
  61. I love sleeping in a cold room, with lots of blankets.
  62. I sleep 100% better with a fan going.
  63. I wish Dr. House and Alan Shore were real characters.
  64. I doubt I will ever get married, or have kids.
  65. I have no sense of direction whatsoever.
  66. I don’t watch the news.
  67. I think if it’s important enough it will find me.
  68. I didn’t find out about 9/11, until 6 hrs later.

This is a work in progress.


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